467 Backpack Air Blower

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Made in Germany

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467 Backpack Air Blower.

The quietest backpack blowers in the industry. Designed specifically for large jobs. Quickly and easily blow leaves, trash, and other debris in warehouses, stadiums, and other large areas.


Highlighted Features

  • Powerful 66.5 cc engine with Nikasil® cylinder coating to generate a fan air volume of max. 824 cfm.
  • Increased engine performance converts to higher air velocity.
  • Improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions with modern engine technology and catalytic converter.
  • Aluminum crankcase and high quality engine components for increased power output even under high temperature operating conditions.
  • Large 0.5 gallon capacity fuel tank combined with low fuel consumption allow long operating periods (more than 80 minutes without refueling).
  • Easy starting, effective vibration dampening.
  • Air filtering system with high performance paper filter cartridge, which can be replaced without tools.
  • Strong tubular aluminum frame for protection and safe transport.
  • Quiet! Low dB(A) rating.
  • Single, multi-function operating handle with lockable throttle lever.


Sample Applications

Plant Protection

  • Large gardens, decorative plants, and shrubs
  • Greenhouses
  • Weed control
  • Agricultural crops


Woodland Maintenance

  • Plant care
  • Protection against game attack



Engine Displacement


Air Volume

Sound Pressure Level dB(A)

Fuel Tank Capacity

Recommended Fuel Octane Level

Oil to Fuel Ratio

Oil Tank Capacity

Decompression valve

Electronic Ignition

Dry Weight

Trigger Lock

Waist Belt



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SOLO Model 467


Operator manual for the SOLO 467 Air Blower

467 Marketing Bulletin


467 Marketing Bulletin

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467 Operator's Manual