Fertilizing a yard, a flower bed, a vegetable garden, or rows of shrubs can be accomplished quickly and efficiently by using a hose-end sprayer. Using the power of water pressure, a hose-end sprayer can deliver pesticides and fertilizers to hundreds of square feet of yard or garden. A hose-end sprayer attaches to a hose, siphons the product, and mixes it with water as it sprays.


Adjustable Flow

An adjustable-flow hose-end sprayer allows the user to set the mix ratio and, thus, provides the user with the ability to control how much chemical is removed from the container, mixed with water, and applied to the landscape. 


Hose-end sprayer can hold between 16 and 32 ounces of liquid chemicals. Higher capacity sprayers can treat broader areas, such as lawns, trees, and long rows of shrubbery, while smaller models are suitable for vegetable gardens and flower beds.

Keep in mind that a sprayer set to a higher chemicals-to-water ratio, will produce a more concentrated solution of pesticide, fertilizer, or weed killer and will empty the container more quickly than a sprayer set to a lower concentration.

Spray Settings

Most hose-end sprayer nozzles allow the user to adjust the flow pattern of the water. There are typically up to four spray patterns that range from a light mist to a narrow, high-pressure stream. A spray pattern that produces higher pressure will be strong enough to reach into the branches of trees, whereas a lighter spray will be gentle enough to apply chemical solutions to a flower bed without damaging the plants.

Hose Compatibility

Hose-end sprayers are compatible with standard 1-inch hose fittings and work best with a ⅝-inch diameter hose, which allows for enough water flow to create adequate pressure. Some sprayers also have quick-connect fittings, which make it easier to attach and detach from the garden hose.

Solo Hose-end 405-HE Sprayer

Solo 405-HE adaptable hose-end sprayer has an adaptable cap that can fit directly on the most popular bottles of chemical concentrates. When using Solo 405-HE sprayer, you don’t have to mix, measure, or pour chemical solutions. If you find that your hose-end sprayer’s cap doesn’t fit on the concentrate bottle, you can use the container that is included.

405-HE saves time when spraying small or large areas without needing to pump a sprayer. It also saves money when using the concentrated chemical of your choice as concentrates are less expensive than premixed solutions. 405-HE was designed for dispensing concentrates such as fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, deer repellants, etc. The 405-HE provides best coverage using a broad, sweeping motion.