Solo professional handheld sprayers are extremely heavy-duty and will stand up to the toughest of jobs. They are perfect for applying plant protection and pest control solutions, and also for performing general-purpose spraying. Available in 1.5 -gallon, 2-gallon, and 3-gallon sizes, they are ideal for small or medium-sized spraying jobs.

To use a handheld pressure sprayer, you mix chemicals and water into the tank and pump to pressurize. Handheld sprayers, also known as tank sprayers, use the pump to force air into the tank, and the user must pump the sprayer a certain number of times to pressurize the tank. 

Solo high-performance, efficient piston pump pressurizes the tank with as much as 50% more efficiency than the competition. Solo handheld sprayer is built with a large base for added stability. It is also equipped with a large pump handle and a shut-off valve with a lock-on/off feature for operator’s comfort. Users also have multiple spraying options as Solo Professional Handheld Sprayers come with a variety of nozzles for different spraying tasks. 

Watch the video to see the 456 Professional Handheld Sprayer in action