378 Handheld Concrete Sprayer With Large Base, 3 Gallon


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378 Concrete Sprayer

Designed specifically for use in concrete preparation and treatment for use with curing compounds, form release agents and general spraying tasks. Can apply up to 35% solids. With its rugged polyethylene tank and unbreakable wand, the concrete sprayer provides outstanding performance, efficiency, and durability. Outperforms traditional steel sprayers at a fraction of the cost.

Highlighted Features

  • All Viton® seals for durability and safety with a wide variety of chemicals.
  • Large base for added stability which can accommodate the wheel set and handle (accessory kit, part # 49211).
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) tank with ultra-violet inhibitors; will not dent, crack, or corrode.
  • 48” nylon-reinforced hose for extended reach.
  • Built-in air inflation valve allows pressurizing the sprayer using a compressor or air source.
  • Large pump pressurizes the sprayer as much as 50% faster than the competition.
  • Automatic pressure relief valve releases pressure at 45 psi and may be used to release pressure when desired.
  • 28” unbreakable wand and commercial shut-off valve assembly.
  • Fitted with a 1 gpm, 110º flat fan nozzle for spraying higher solid content curing compounds.
  • Includes jet stream, flat fan, hollow cone and plastic adjustable nozzles for general spraying tasks. Accepts TeeJet ® type nozzles..
  • 4.5” opening allows easy filling and thorough cleaning.
  • Extra large pump handle with built-in wand retainer for convenient carrying and pumping.
  • Commercial shut-off valve with lock-on/lock-off feature reduces user fatigue.


Sample Applications

  • Curing compounds
  • Form release agents
  • General spraying tasks


Comes with a wide variety of nozzle tips for all of your spraying needs:

  • Plastic 1gpm 110º Flat Fan
  • Plastic Adjustable
  • Flat Fan
  • Hollow Cone
  • Jet Stream

These nozzle sprays all come standard.


Accepts TeeJet® nozzle tips

Plastic 1 gpm 110 nozzle
Plastic adjustable nozzle
Fan spray nozzle
Hollow cone nozzle
Jet stream nozzle

Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers

TeeJet® is a registered trademark of TeeJet Technologies and Spraying Systems Co.


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