Prepare your evergreens for winter with Anti-Desiccant Spray

Congratulations, your yard is looking great! You’ve seeded and fertilized, but have you thought about care needed for your evergreen trees and shrubs? They need protection from Winter’s frigid temperatures too! 

Fluctuating winter temperatures and precipitation can wreak havoc on evergreen foliage. Since evergreens, (both needle & broadleaf varieties) maintain live foliage throughout the winter, they can lose moisture, even when frozen. If the moisture loss is too great, the needles or leaves can dehydrate and die. Frozen ground can also cause issues, as the roots may not be able to deliver water to the plant as needed, also resulting in dying needled and leaves. 

A pressure sprayer is a great tool for treating evergreens with an anti-desiccant spray. The application coats the leaves to help slow the process of transpiration, keeping moisture in and your shrubs and trees healthy. 

December is the ideal time to perform this treatment. Check out this helpful article on protecting your trees and shrubs with anti-desiccants.

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