An Affordable Lithium-Ion One-Liter Sprayer for All Budgets

Newport News, Va., September 25, 2020-Solo Incorporated, worldwide leader in the production of backpack, handheld, and one-hand sprayers, released the 460-Li lithium-ion one-liter sprayer. While the 460-Li is designed for use in the lawn and garden industry, the 460-Li is compatible with “green” cleaning solutions, offering an inexpensive lithium-ion sprayer with Viton® seals for facilities applications.

Solo’s 460-Li battery-operated one-liter sprayer is a practical helper for businesses and facilities. Although not designed for use with harsh disinfectants, the 460-Li is an inexpensive option for facilities using neutral, sustainable cleaning chemical solutions. A small but powerful electric pump allows the operator to spray for up to 60 minutes.  

COVID-19 has seen increased need for cleaning and disinfection, resulting in an unprecedented demand for lithium-ion sprayers. Solo’s 460-Li is a budget-friendly option for facilities in need of lithium sprayers.

“Solo’s 460-Li offers affordability for schools and businesses that prioritize proper disinfection protocols,” said Tracey Harmon, Solo’s National Industrial Sales Manager. “Viton® seals improve the 460-Li’s longevity during the COVID-19 environment when product performance matters.”

Schools, small businesses, and offices can secure a lithium-ion one-hand sprayer at a fraction of the cost of other options on the market. The 460-Li’s release aligns with Solo’s 2020 mission to manufacture innovative and more environmentally conscious sprayers that facilitate greater productivity.

About Solo Incorporated:

In 1948 the brothers Hans and Heinz Emmerich designed the first small two-stroke engine weighing in at 14.3 pounds, an incredible feat for that time. Shortly after, in 1951, the brothers developed the world´s first engine driven backpack mist blower. Instead of using stationary engine driven pumps with long spray hoses and lots of manpower, the new machines were able to be operated “solo”, by only one person – the birth of our future trademark name. Solo products are built tough and made to last. That is why they are the first choice of farmers, professional landscapers, construction, and janitorial workers everywhere. If you rely on equipment that contributes to your livelihood, it only makes sense to choose those that will increase your efficiency and productivity.