Here’s the Affordable & Efficient Way to Disinfect

Efficient, Affordable, Available
Small upgrades can yield big savings. Before COVID-19, facilities used inexpensive trigger sprayers to clean and disinfect. COVID-19 changed the way facilities clean. In almost the blink of an eye, facilities wanted innovative sprayer solutions. As a result, the demand for lithium-ion sprayer technology exploded.

But in the same vein, COVID-19 decimated school and business budgets. Frequent disinfection requires a bigger budget and more staff, two aspects handicapped by COVID-19.

Lithium-ion sprayers have many benefits, but they are expensive for facilities with small budgets.  A one-hand sprayer, like Solo’s 404-V, is efficient, affordable, and available now. 

404-V Industrial Sprayer

  • Equipped with Viton® seals and O-rings throughout for use with acidic liquids and solutions
  • Sealed pump system to prevent aggressive liquids from causing any mechanical damage and to contribute to a long service life
  • Light and sturdy, translucent tank with easily visible fill volume graduation marks and large opening
  • Large pump handle for quick and efficient pressurization to maximum 45psi
  • Automatic pressure relief valve can be manually operated to release pressure
  • Plastic adjustable spray nozzle can produce very even fine mist to a jet stream
  • Large ergonomically-shaped handle for operator comfort