4 Common Spreader Applications

The 421 is one of Solo’s most popular products around the start of the fall and spring season and for many good reasons.  The 421 is a light-weight, portable spreader perfect for use over irregular terrains or for use in areas where wheeled spreaders cannot easily go.

We’ve covered countless ways to use the 421, from spreading rock salt to liming soil.  Like other Solo products, the 421 is a versatile and practical tool. Below are some of the most common ways people use Solo’s seed spreader:  

1) Seeding, Fertilizing, Applying Preemergent

Seeding, fertilizing, and applying preemergent herbicides are critical steps to achieve a healthy and lush lawn. One of the most effective ways to spread seed, fertilizer, or granular preemergent herbicide evenly is with a spreader.

2) Food Plots

Food plots are designed to attract deer for hunting by creating a natural food source. Food plots vary in size and time commitment. Bigger food plots require more time and money, while smaller food plots are ideal for beginners or budget-conscious individuals. A spreader is useful for spreading food seed, especially over smaller food plots.

3) Liming Soil

Healthy soil needs to be a specific texture and pH level to promote optimal growth.  The type of plant you intend to grow will determine the desired consistency and pH level. Grass and food seed typically need a higher pH, around 6.5 or 7. Before you start liming soil, remember to test your soil to determine the pH.

 You can use powdered or pelletized lime to alkalize acidic soil. Pelletized lime is more convenient to apply with a spreader, making it ideal for smaller lawns or food plots

4) Spread Rock Salt 

Many of the applications we’ve covered occur during the fall or spring, but a spreader is also ideal for applying rock salt in the winter. The 421 spreader is an efficient tool to spread rock salt to keep driveways and walkways ice-free, especially over curbs and other areas where wheeled spreaders do not work.

Versatile, Affordable, Built-to-Last

The 421 Spreader is an excellent addition for lawn care enthusiasts, hunters, or facilities maintenance managers.  Solo’s 421 is a versatile, well-built, and affordable option for various tasks that require an even distribution of granular applications over irregular or rough terrain.