3 Tips for a Healthy Workplace During the Coronavirus

As states re-open, more people are returning to work. Despite re-opening, the coronavirus threat is still present and will continue to pose serious health risks for the foreseeable future. Social distancing, frequent handwashing, and thorough cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces is key to protecting the health of employees. Here are 3 tips for maintaining a healthy workplace during the coronavirus outbreak:

Tip 1

Clean then disinfect

Before disinfecting a surface, check to see if it is clean. A dirty surface cannot be disinfected properly and must be cleaned first before you can begin the disinfection process.

Once a surface is cleaned sufficiently, ask yourself these questions before you begin the disinfection process?  

1)    Is your disinfectant EPA-approved?

2)    What tools do you need?

3)    What surface are you disinfecting?

4)    How long do you need to leave the disinfectant on a surface?

Tip 2

Focus on high-touch surfaces

It’s unlikely that every inch of office space needs to be disinfected. Instead of disinfecting every corner and crevice, focus on high-touch surfaces.

A high-touch surface is what it sounds like—a surface frequently touched throughout the day, making it a hotbed for germs. Employee breakrooms, bathrooms, doorknobs, keyboards are all examples of high-touch surfaces in the office—all of which should be the focus of disinfection.

Tip 3

Choose the right equipment

Chemicals are often the focus when it comes to cleaning and disinfection.  And while choosing the right chemicals is critical, the equipment used for cleaning and disinfection is equally crucial for a few reasons.

The directions on a disinfectant inform the user of the application method. For example, some disinfectants require a sponge to apply the chemical solution to a surface, and other disinfectants require a sprayer. Deviating from the instructions may decrease the efficacy of the disinfectant, as the testing of disinfectants is done with specific tools.

Some newer cleaning technologies have not been vetted by the EPA, meaning there is little evidence of their safety and effectiveness. Traditional options, like trigger sprayers, are adequate but can sometimes fail to deliver in terms of longevity and productivity.

Sprayers for Office Disinfecting

Pump sprayers are an excellent option for applying or misting disinfectant throughout the office. A pump sprayer comes in a variety of sizes at different price points designed to fit all offices, big or small.