As businesses re-open, cleaning and disinfection play a critical role in protecting public health from the coronavirus. Solo has the tools businesses need to clean and disinfect properly.

Disinfect Essential Facilities Thoroughly with Solo’s 307-B Tank Sprayer

Equipped with a 53″ long hose and 20″ unbreakable wand, Solo’s tank sprayers enable the user to spray far and wide without continually carrying the sprayer.

Apply an even layer of a chemical solution to a surface and achieve necessary dwell times with ease, as required by the EPA. 



  • 2-gallon capacity allows user to work longer without having to refill the tank
  • Large piston pump pressurizes the sprayer as much as 50% faster than the competition
  • 4.5” opening allows easy filling and thorough cleaning
  • High-quality, chemical-resistant flat spray nozzle provides even distribution of chemical solution
  • Optional plastic adjustable nozzle ranges from a jet stream to a very fine mist, which allows for consistent surface coverage (Plastic adjustable nozzle not included. Available for purchase separately.) 
  • EPDM seals throughout for chemical solutions that are 7-14 pH, such as quats, alkaline disinfectants, and bleach solutions
  • EPDM seal equipped unit is compatible with graffiti removal chemical solutions 

Clean With The Touch of a Button Using Solo’s 460-Li

Solo’s 460-Li battery-operated handheld sprayer is a practical helper for businesses and facilities using neutral, sustainable cleaning chemical solutions.  A small but powerful electric pump allows the operator to spray for up to 60 minutes. 



  • Lithium-ion battery for up to 60 minutes of continuous spraying
  • Easy charging at any USB port (charging cable included). Completely charges in 90 minutes!
  • Plastic adjustable nozzle ranges from a fine mist to a jet stream
  • Transparent, sturdy, and lightweight 1-liter capacity offers quick versatility for a variety of spraying tasks  
  •  Ergonomically designed handle with smooth 1-button operation
  •  Flexible pick-up tube enables multi-directional spraying (even upside down!
  •  Compatible with neutral chemical solutions.  No aggressive, acid-or solvent-containing liquids, disinfectants and waterproofing agents must be applied.