The Survey Says… Clean Restrooms Lead to Repeat Business!

We have all been there. You are out shopping, or driving, and the urge arises. Relief is in sight, but when you open the bathroom door you may make the choice to turn around and try for something better. It would be nice if you could have a clue of the condition of the restroom by a store (or a restaurants) reputation and general level of cleanliness, but even the finest establishments have been known to overlook bathroom maintenance and cleanliness.

With all of the resources that are invested in advertising, hiring the best people, and staging merchandise, managers sometimes overlook the importance of maintaining all of the public spaces their customers may visit.

Regular attention needs to be paid to providing clean restrooms – not leaving maintenance until the end of the shift. This is especially important because just one customer’s “visit” can leave an undesirable (and unhealthy) environment for the next patron. Regular bathroom maintenance helps keep pace with cleanliness and can even prevent problem issues from occurring.

Recently Proctor & Gamble conducted a survey to gauge the effects of cleanliness on a visitor’s view of a business. They “found that 91 percent of respondents would have a negative opinion of a business if the public spaces were not clean, even if they received good service.

View the Proctor & Gamble findings here:


For general cleaning at the end of the day, handheld pressure sprayers are great for applying chemical cleaners in a fast and cost-effective manner. These regular cleanings allow you to perform deeper bathroom maintenance, sanitize surfaces, and prevent dirt and grime buildup on bathroom surfaces.

Clean restrooms go a long way in providing customer satisfaction. Don’t undermine all of your other good efforts by overlooking this important area.

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