Got Leaves? Get Control of Them with a Backpack Air Blower!

Fall leaves. For many of us they bring back pleasant memories of the smells and comforts of autumn. Who hasn’t experienced the childhood joy of jumping into a big pile of leaves? Or the smell of burning leaf piles smoldering on an autumn afternoon? And while they are pretty to behold, decomposing leaves can cause problems for your lawn and property.

One of the biggest challenges to homeowners is keeping up with problem of the ever-falling leaves. Not only can they present problems for your lawn, but regular maintenance is needed to keep leaves from accumulating on walkways where they can quickly become a slipping hazard.

Fall leaf removal is much more than a cosmetic endeavor. Check out these benefits you will gain from performing regular leaf maintenance:


  • Grass needs air and light to thrive and grow. A blanket of leaves may suffocate your lawn causing brown and dead patches.
  • Removing leaves helps eliminate mold, fungus, and diseases that can grow in decomposing materials.
  • Leaf removal displaces invasive insects that like to make their homes on the ground under leaves.
  • Wet leaves can be slimy and slippery. Reduce the risk of falls on walkways and other paths where leaves may collect.
  • What you don’t deal with in the fall will have to be dealt with in the spring.
  • Enjoy a prettier lawn throughout the winter!


An air blower is an invaluable tool for simplifying the job. Not only are blowers excellent for managing fallen leaves, they can be helpful for other year-round landscaping chores such as blowing grass, trash and other debris. Backpack styles are great for supporting the blower while allowing your arms to be free to direct the wand. Protective headgear should be worn to protect ears and eyes when operating an air blower.

Some homeowners choose to collect leaves to use as mulch in their flower beds, around trees, and in wooded areas. If you want the leaves removed, many municipalities have scheduled bulk leaf pickups, or will take them in bags with your regular refuse service.

Cold days are coming. Leaves are falling. Pull out the air blower and get a head start on your annual leaf removal chores. Your yard (and your neighbors) will thank you.

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