I have a steep back yard and trying to use the drop or broadcast spreaders that are mounted on 2 wheels was difficult to spread fertilizer evenly, not to mention keeping the wheels from binding up. The hand held spreaders caused my hand to cramp and required frequent refilling. I just purchased this spreader and used it for the first time and Wow, it worked incredibly. I should have purchased one of these years ago. Will never go back to the traditional spreaders. The Solo 421 spreader was very comfortably strapped to the front of me. The back strap is easy to put on. The crank arm is very smooth and since the gear mechanism is not in contact with the material you are spreading, it doesn’t gum up or plug the gear mechanism. It even has a place to keep the gears lubricated for long term ease of use and proper maintenance. The Solo 421 can also be used to spread ice melt, grass seed and other applications. It is quiet and light weight. The top lid is somewhat see through so you you see how much you are spreading and how much is left and it seals the container nicely so you don’t smell what you are applying. It is very easy to adjust the flow rate and the width of fertilizer dispersion. I would highly recommend this chest mount spreader to anyone!