Every now and then you stubble across a product and or company that has it figured out. At SOLO “They Get It”. My experience with SOLO actually started several years ago. I had the opportunity to spend several hours with both production and management personnel at the local SOLO manufacturing facility. Needless to say as a home owner and do it yourselfer I took the opportunity to express my frustration with many of the pump garden sprayers I owned over the years. I explained that I had owned numerous brands both metal and plastic and regardless of how much they cost they all seemed to fail within a short period of time. Many perform poorly from the start. I asked why can’t you buy a sprayer that works? A SOLO representative educated me on their history producing sprayers and suggested “Try a SOLO.” Within a short time I again was in need of a replacement sprayer and decided to take his advise. I purchased a 457 3 gallon sprayer and as promised it worked perfectly out of the box. It has continued to work flawlessly for 2+ seasons spraying an assortment of liquids. Approximately one year after purchasing the 457 a friend brought up his need for a dependable sprayer. I shared the advise given to me now some year or so earlier. He purchased a SOLO and his frustration with pump sprayers are over.

Fast forward to 2019. I was in the area of the SOLO plant and had a few questions regarding the smaller pump sprayers. I decided what the heck why not stop in and see if someone there will speak with me. This is a factory, not a retail store. I walked in the main entrance and explained to the lady at the desk that I had a question regarding sprayers and wondered if there was someone I could speak with. She was quick to offer assistance and within seconds had someone coming to the front desk. I was greeted by a very knowledgeable very pleasant employee. He was eager to listen to my questions and took personal interest in my needs. He took ownership of the issue and made it a point to find the answer and resolve my question. They aren’t set up for walk in customers yet they stopped what they were doing and the gentleman who came from the back I’m sure has other responsibilities. This is what I base my “They Get it” statement. Not only do they make the best sprayers but their employees take pride in what they do and it shows.

Thanks SOLO!