Summer Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Summer is the season to enjoy the outdoors. Since many people are spending more time outside, your yard might turn into a place for relaxation, so maintaining your yard is just as important in the summer as it is in the spring. However, summer lawn and garden maintenance present a different set of challenges. 

So, how do you maintain your yard in the summer? Here is a brief checklist on how to manage your lawn and garden during the summer.

Summer Lawn & Garden Checklist

Mow the Grass

Mowing your lawn is a simple way to maintain your yard. Avoid cutting grass too low, as it may lead to weeds. If you live in a region with cool-season grass, raise your lawnmower about 3-4 inches. For warm-season grass, you can set the height of your lawnmower about 1-2 inches.

Water Lawn & Garden

It may seem obvious, but remember to water your lawn and garden. Rather than short periods of shallow watering, you should consider watering deeply. Plants need about one-inch of water. Morning is the best time to water your lawn and garden because water will not evaporate as quickly. Remember to monitor the forecast for any rain to avoid over-watering.

Target Pests

Mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs are out in full force and can ruin outdoor fun. Apply insecticide to grass and flowers to keep pests at bay. Dump and clean standing water in your home and backyard to control mosquitoes.

Remove Weeds

You can pull out weeds or use a weed killer in a sprayer to remove weeds. If you don’t control weeds, they will spread.

Fertilize (if necessary)

Most people usually fertilize in the spring and the end of the summer. However, you should check plants for signs of nutrient deficiency.

Remove Dead Plants & Flowers

Summer heat, bugs, or any natural cause may have killed some of your plants. Remove dead plants, as they may harbor pests. Similarly, you should remove spent flowers and blooms to promote growth.

Sprayers for Summer Lawn & Garden Maintenance

You will likely need a sprayer to aid you with your summer garden maintenance. One-hand and handheld pressure sprayers are common choices but don’t accommodate everyone.

A trolley sprayer is an alternative to other sprayer options. Trolley sprayers allow a person to pull the sprayer behind them while they work, which makes lawn and garden maintenance easier for those who are unable to carry a sprayer. Maintain your yard with the ease of a trolley sprayer.