Solo’s 388 Acetone Sprayer is Tough on Caustic Chemicals

Caustic chemicals used in the construction industry are harsh on sprayers. Acetone-based formulations, ammonia, and alcohol degrade sprayer seals over time, leading to costly re-dos, repairs or replacements. Certain materials, such as EPDM seals, are resistant to the effects of acetone, alcohol, or ammonia. Incorporating the right materials into construction sprayers improves their longevity.

Solo’s construction sprayers are made to survive harsh conditions and save the end-user money by utilizing the proper materials to reduce wear and tear.

Solo has updated and replaced two of its most popular construction sprayers. Last week, we wrote about the new 378 Concrete Sprayer. Today, we’re going to focus on the 388 Acetone Sprayer, which has replaced the 487-CI.

388 Acetone Sprayer

Solo’s 388 Acetone Sprayer is designed specifically for applying acetone-based formulations, most alcohols, and ammonia.

Enhanced Durability Saves the User Money

Solo’s 388 Acetone Sprayer retains all the features of the 487-CI. The 388 shares the same durable 20″ brass wand. The high-density polyethylene tank, a hard-wearing plastic, is less expensive than traditional metal tanks and does not dent, crack, or corrode. The 388 contains EPDM seals, which provide excellent protection against the effects of acetone.  

Increased Efficiency Helps Improve Productivity

Solo optimized the 388 for efficiency. The 4.5″ opening allows for easy filling and thorough cleaning.  End-users can reach farther and higher with a 72″ acetone-resistant hose designed for extended reach. The 388 helps improve productivity with a commercial grade shut-off valve with a lock-on/off feature designed to reduce user fatigue. Solo’s 388 can be pressurized with either a hand pump, which utilizes Solo’s efficient piston pump, or with an air inflation valve using a compressor or other air source.

Improved Stability

The introduction of a large, stable base in the 388 Acetone Sprayer allows for greater stability.  Users can also attach a wheelset and pull handle accessory for improved mobility.  Solo’s 388 includes an automatic pressure-relief valve to vent excess pressure at 45 psi.

See It for Yourself

The 388 Acetone Sprayer continues to provide outstanding performance with the same features as the 487-CI, and new features to improve stability, mobility, and durability.

See Solo’s 388 Acetone Sprayer at the World of Concrete Show at booth number 12609 from February 4-7, 2020.