Pressurized Water Tanks Meet OSHA Safety Standards

The use of construction cut-off and core-drilling machines are non-negotiable in construction. While these tools are necessary, they require careful handling. Construction workers must abide by strict procedures to ensure the health and safety of themselves and those around them.

Respirable Crystalline Silica

One of the biggest safety concerns with cut-off machines is respirable crystalline silica, which is found in the dust of materials that contain silica. Workers exposed to tiny silica dust particles over a long period are at risk for serious health conditions. Long term exposure to respirable crystalline silica can lead to lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, kidney disease, and other debilitating illnesses.

OSHA Standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, has implemented standards to control silica exposure to protect construction workers. OSHA requires employers to reduce employee exposure to silica. OSHA recommends that employers use saws equipped with a “built-in system that applies water to the saw blade.” The water will minimize dust accumulation. An employer can choose not to use a saw with an integrated water system. If they don’t use water to reduce dust, they are required to measure the amount of silica that employees are exposed to and take other safety measures, such as providing respirators or using dust controls to protect workers. 

Pressurized Water Tank

A pressurized water tank that connects to a cut-off machine is a great option to prevent dust accumulation or cool down a diamond cutting disc or drill bit.

49852 Pressure Water Tank with Large Base

The 49852 is the updated version of Solo’s 8900850 pressure water tank. The addition of a durable base has improved the stability of the tank. The 49852 also has an optional wheelset and pull handle accessory for greater mobility.

Solo’s 49852 pressure water tank has a large 4.5″ opening for easy filling and cleaning. The 49852 facilitates productivity with a pump unit that is efficient and easy to pressurize. Solo’s 49852 has a stroke volume of 20 cubic inches, which allows the end-user to build pressure quickly.

The pump handle is made with impact-resistant plastic and is quite large. A quarter-turn of the pump handle is all it takes to switch from the pump function to the carrying function. The hose connection is equipped with a quick-connect coupler. When the hose is disconnected from the cut-off machine, no water will be wasted.

8000150 Pressure Water Tank

Solo’s 8000150 pressure water tank is easy to handle, comes with wheels for added mobility, and has an adjustable aluminum handle with a soft grip sleeve for easy transport.  The wheeled caddy helps keep the tank stable while upright.

The end-user can quickly pressurize the 8000150 using the large pump handle made of impact-resistant plastic. An automatic pressure relief valve releases excess pressure to ensure the safety of the end-user.

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