Solo Incorporated in the Time of COVID-19

Innovation is the name of the game for Solo. From the birth of Solo in 1948 until now, Solo has engineered products that help end-users achieve more with less.  

In 1948, Hans and Heinz Emmerich designed the first-two stroke engine weighing in at 14.3 pounds. Three years later, in 1951, the Emmerich brothers invented the first-engine driven backpack mist blower.  Instead of using the stationary engine pumps with long spray hoses and lots of manpower, these new machines could be operated “solo.” Today, Solo continues the tradition of innovation.

Who We Serve?

Spring is the start of Solo’s busy season, coinciding with the busy season of many lawn and landscaping companies. As many of our landscaping customers rely on our sprayers to help run their businesses, it only makes sense that business increases for Solo at the same time as the rest of the landscaping industry.

It’s not just landscaping professionals. Do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists use our products for personal projects, such as staining a deck or fence or for general spraying.

Professionals in janitorial/sanitation, pest control, and construction also use our sprayers for a range of jobs in different spaces.

Janitorial/sanitation is an industry where sprayers are essential but overlooked. Trigger sprayers are commonly associated with cleaning and disinfection, despite their inefficiency. Spotting this weakness, Solo created sprayers engineered for cleaning and disinfection to help jan/san professionals achieve better results.

Sprayers aren’t commonly associated with the construction industry, but they do play an essential role in some jobs. Concrete curing is one of those jobs. Solo’s 378 Concrete Sprayer, for example, is designed especially for use with concrete curing compounds.

Versatility and a keen eye for innovation designed to improve efficiency have cemented Solo as an invaluable part of many industries.

The Rise of COVID-19

Nobody expected COVID-19 to evolve into a global pandemic responsible for the death of over 175,000 people, and the quarantine of billions. In February, Solo began to monitor the situation and raised awareness about the importance of adequate chemical application in infection control.

COVID-19 has changed the status quo for Solo this year. By March, COVID-19 had arrived in the United States in full force. Many businesses closed or reduced hours, and unemployment skyrocketed to unprecedented levels, but Solo remained open to meet the growing demand for sprayers.

Demand for Sprayers

Increased demand for sprayers was concentrated around a few sprayer categories:

  • One-hand sprayers
  • Backpack sprayers
  • Battery-operated sprayers

Each sprayer type serves a unique purpose. One-hand sprayers are the superior choice for trigger sprayers because they eliminate the need to depress a trigger continuously. Backpack sprayers are versatile and ideal for disinfecting in large spaces, and battery-operated backpack sprayers run on a whisper-quiet emission-free pump, and lithium-ion battery ideal for spraying in enclosed spaces.

Why Does It Matter?

Solo’s sprayers aren’t just for use in cleaning and disinfection. The current climate has people on the hunt for sprayers for disinfection, but you’ll find that sprayers are versatile tools.

We wanted to share our experience during the time of coronavirus, not just to tout the quality of our sprayers, but to demonstrate the critical role that a small, US-based manufacturing company can play. Real people need sprayers, and Solo has them.