3 Things to Do While in Quarantine

Much of the United States has been in quarantine for several weeks. Governors across the United States have closed schools, restaurants, and movie theaters, and have issued stay-at-home orders. Some parks are still open, but social distancing guidelines remain in place.

While it’s a relief that people can still enjoy parks, many people will more than likely spend most of their time at home. Here are three things you can do in quarantine.


Decorating with houseplants can freshen up an indoor space with minimal effort. Not only do they look beautiful, but some studies have also claimed that houseplants can help improve productivity and concentration.

To an extent, houseplants do offer some benefits, but the many claims floating around the internet about houseplants cleaning the air are unsubstantiated.

While houseplants aren’t “activities”, they can give people something to nurture especially in a smaller space like an apartment.

How to Care for Houseplants

Typically, houseplants don’t require as much care as a garden, and they are not that difficult to maintain. The type of plant will dictate care.  Generally, houseplants don’t need an excessive amount of resources, and giving houseplants too much sunlight, water, or fertilizer can kill them.

Most houseplants don’t like direct sunlight, and many can go a while without water.  A good rule of thumb when it comes to watering is to only water when the soil is dry. You can also mist houseplants to keep them moisturized without drowning them, but you shouldn’t forgo proper watering for misting.


It’s still spring meaning it is an ideal time to start gardening. Taking care of a garden requires more time, effort, and money than taking care of houseplants.

If you have the time and are willing to try, gardening is a rewarding hobby and is also a great way to spend time outside and can be a family activity.

How to Start a Garden

Step 1: Plan

Growing a successful garden requires some planning. You’ll need to consider where you get the most and least sunlight. Based on the amount of the sun your yard receives, you can choose what you would like to plant.

If your dream is to have a bountiful vegetable garden, for instance, you’ll need a space that receives at least six hours of full sun.  Another critical aspect to consider is your geographic location. Where you live will determine the growth season for different plants. 

Step 2: Prepare

Once you decide on the location and the type of plants you would like to have in your garden, you’ll need to clear the area. By this point in the process, you will more than likely need to invest in some gardening tools.

One of the first steps to take is to test your soil. A soil test will reveal critical information about your soil’s health and pH levels, which will affect your garden’s health.   Once you determine the health of your soil, you will need to clear the area.

Step 3: Plant

Once you’ve taken all the necessary steps to start a garden, plant your seeds or young plants. Different plants require different amounts of water, so remember to water based on an individual plant’s needs.

Spring Cleaning

Now is the perfect time to deep clean your home. A clean environment is more important than ever, especially if you still need to venture outside for work.

How to Disinfect Your Home

Luckily, disinfecting your home is straightforward. You don’t need any heavy-duty cleaning products, whatever standard household cleaning products you have at home should do the job.

Step 1: Clean the Surface

All you need is soap and water to clean a dirty surface. The CDC recommends wearing gloves to clean surfaces and encourages people clean a surface before disinfecting it.

Step 2: Use a Household Disinfectant

Remember before you disinfect a surface, you need to clean it to any remove dirt or debris. Use an EPA-registered disinfectant or a bleach solution to disinfect a surface. Wear gloves to protect your skin from harsh chemical solutions.

Quarantine with Solo

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