Pump Sprayers perform up to 43% Faster than Trigger Sprayers

It’s easy to see that pump sprayers deliver cleaning solutions much faster than when using finger-operated trigger sprayers, but we wanted to see just how much faster.

To test this, we completed several side-by-side trials measuring the time needed to spray the same size surface area with a trigger sprayer and with a pump sprayer. Time and time again, the pump sprayer was significantly faster. In every test we performed, the pump sprayer covered the same size area 43% faster than when using a hand-pumped trigger sprayer*.

These test times do not include the time needed to refill small trigger bottles, which results in an even greater time savings.

With labor being the largest expense for janitorial service providers, shaving time off of everyday, repetitive tasks can result in huge savings. The savings are even greater for workers who spray treat large surface areas, such as sanitizing public areas and applying carpet cleaners.

See the demo here:

The full version of the video can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXCCvewffzg

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  • The trigger sprayer took 7 seconds to cover, and the pump sprayer took 4 seconds to cover the same size area.