10 Ways to Supercharge your Cleaning Operations with a Pump Sprayer

With labor leading the way as the single largest expense in janitorial operations, cutting seconds or minutes on repetitive tasks can result in big savings to your bottom line. Making cleaning jobs easier for employees not only improves productivity and reduces the time it takes to perform a task, it can also reduce physical demands on your employees.

One such example is the effort expended when spraying cleaning chemicals. Hand operated trigger sprayers are inexpensive to purchase up-front, but do not deliver optimal results in the long run.

Pump sprayers are easier to use than trigger sprayers and allow workers to cover large surface areas in a shorter amount of time. Pump sprayers also reduce costs by dispersing solutions more quickly and efficiently than trigger sprayers.

Here are 10 ways to ramp up your cleaning operations with pump sprayers:

  1. Improve Performance: The broad spray pattern of a pump sprayer covers large surface areas in a shorter amount of time than with trigger sprayers.
  2. Control Spray Volume: Trigger sprayers will dispense liquids based on the amount of effort applied. Once primed, pump sprayers deliver a consistent spray volume.
  3. Control Spray Pattern: Workers can easily control the product application by using the adjustable nozzle.
  4. Reduce Finger Fatigue: A single off/on switch discharges the sprayer. No more repetitive finger fatigue which can slow down work and cause injury.
  5. Refill Less Often: The large reservoir of a pump sprayer allows you to refill less often than with a small trigger sprayer, saving time.
  6. Save Using Concentrates: Reduce costs by purchasing cleaning chemicals in concentrates.
  7. Reduce Waste: The wide sprayer opening is easier to fill than a narrow trigger bottle opening, resulting in less spills.
  8. Match Seal Types: Match the correct pump seal type to the formulation you are using for sprayer longevity and cost savings.
  9. Gain a Longer Sprayer Life: Quality pump sprayers can last years, as opposed to trigger sprayers that quickly fail.
  10. Reduce Plastic in Landfills: Single use and broken trigger sprayers are disposable and cluttering our landfills.

Improve your janitorial operations and save dollars on your bottom line. With the value of pump sprayers and affordable price point, it just makes sense to upgrade!