Pressure Water Tank, Hose and Connector (3 Gal) (880,881)


Pressure Water Tank, Hose and Connector (3 Gal) (880,881)

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Pressure Water Tank.

Whenever there is no available water supply, the water tank can be connected to a cut-off machine, core drilling machine etc. to reduce dust particles and cool the diamond cutting disc or drill bit.

To improve the stability of the sprayer, a durable tank base has been added. The water connection is also integrated at the bottom of the tank so that even pulling on the hose does not cause the sprayer to tip over. 

The tank is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is superior to metal in breakage and corrosion resistance. Ultraviolet inhibitor in HDPE provides years of protection from sunlight damage.

Powered by a high-performance piston pump, the tank can be pressurized up to 45 psi with as much as 50% more efficiency than the competition.

Highlighted Features

  • The extra large 4.5“ tank opening allows for spill-free filling and easy cleaning.
  • The pump unit is very efficient and easy to pump. A stroke volume of 20 cu. in. provides a quick pressure build-up.
  • The large pump handle is made of impact resistant plastic material. A quarter turn of the pump handle is all it takes to switch from pump function to carrying function.
  • The automatic pressure relief valve releases excess pressure at 45 psi and may be used to manually release pressure as desired. It limits pressure in the tank for the safety of the operator. After use, the tank can be depressurized using the valve.
  • The 11.4 foot long high-pressure nylon- reinforced hose is particularly durable and allows for extended reach.
  • The hose connection is equipped with a quick connect valve. When the hose is disconnected from the cut-off machine, no water will be wasted.


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