309-FA CLEANLine Handheld Foaming Sprayer, 2.5 Gallon, (FKM, pH 1-7)


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Model # 309-FA

Made in Germany

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CLEANLine 309-FA Handheld Foaming Sprayer, 2.5 Gallon, (FKM, pH 1-7)

The use of foam for cleaning purposes is gaining popularity. Advantages are visibility and longer dwell time with no run-off even on vertical surfaces. In many cases, foam is used for surfaces that require a reduced moisture level. The SOLO CLEANLine features two foam applicators that are fitted with seals made from different materials: FKM for acidic spray solutions in the model 309-FA and EPDM for alkaline solutions in the model 309-FB.

The foam quality, i.e. the foam consistency and the moisture content, can be easily adjusted with the patented “varioFOAM” adjustment system. This also protects the operator from any contact with the chemical. Both handheld foaming sprayers are fitted with a special flat spray nozzle that ensures a fast and even foam application.

New Innovative “varioFOAM” Adjustment System

No interchange of felt inserts, no changing of nozzle, no unnecessary contact with the chemical. With SOLO’s new-patented “varioFOAM” foaming nozzle, the thickness and moisture level of the foam can be easily adjusted by turning an adjustment wheel even while spraying. The wheel is large and easy to use with gloves. The embossed graduation offers exact adjustment possibilities: Dry: The foam is drier and, therefore, more consistent. Wet: A gel-like foam with higher moisture content is produced.

Highlighted Features

  •  FKM seal quality for acidic liquids..
  •  Large base which can accommodate the wheel set and the handle (accessory kit).
  •  Large efficient piston pump attains desired operating pressure with fewer pump strokes.
  •  Large opening for easy filling and cleaning.
  •  Large pump handle with integrated spray wand holder.
  •  Automatic pressure relief valve releases pressure at 45 psi or can be manually operated to release pressure.
  •  Flat spray nozzle with special adjustable “varioFOAM” foaming function.
  •  Convenient nylon carrying strap.
  •  Heavy-duty HDPE tank is extremely durable yet light, with easily visible fill level markings.
  •  Ergonomically-shaped commercial shut-off valve and strong nylon-reinforced hose.
Sample Applications
  • FKM seals for pH 1-7
  • Applying acidic-based foaming chemicals


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