Pressure Sprayers – They’re Not Just for Gardening!

Pressure sprayers are great tools for applying chemicals to your lawn and garden. From fertilizer, to herbicides & fungicides, to insecticides, a sprayer is ideal for year-round landscaping needs. But did you know that your garden sprayer can make many of your other everyday jobs easier? Check out some of the (non-landscape) ways you can simplify everyday jobs with a pressure sprayer:


  1. Cleaning – Pressure sprayers are great for common household and commercial cleaning uses. Sprayers help save time when used to clean decks, automobiles, boats and other general cleaning jobs around the house.
  2. Sanitizing – Pressure sprayers deliver excellent control when applying sanitizing chemicals in your home or workplace.
  3. Pesticides – No one likes bugs, but you may be able to treat your premises yourself without the expense of a professional. Over the counter concentrate formulations are available for fleasticks, bed bugs, spiders, roaches and many other pests. Pressure sprayers provide a controlled spray to treat specific, problem areas.
  4. Algae/Mildew Removal/Restoration Projects – Mildew on decks, under eaves and in crawl spaces can be very difficult to reach. The force from a pressure sprayer helps deliver product to hard-to-reach areas, and a telescoping wand helps get product into small cracks, crevices, and high places.
  5. Green Applications – More and more, people are beginning to use natural products for cleaning. These products may require more “dwell time” or additional applications to get the job done. Not only is it tiring to pump a trigger sprayer, mixing concentrates and trying to funnel them into the small opening almost always results in spills and wasted product.
  6. Deicing liquids – Liquid deicing chemicals begin working almost instantaneously and can adhere to surfaces better than rock salt. Unless washed away by rain, these chemicals remain effective for a longer amount of time than traditional rock salt. Give it a try before your next snow storm!
  7. Livestock Applications – A pressure sprayer is a “go to” tool for livestock areas. Great for fly spray, peroxide, show sheen and betadine applications
  8. Construction – Sprayers are helpful for washing away construction debris and can be used to provide a portable water source to use with dry cutting tile or masonry.
  9. Wallpaper Removal – removing wallpaper is a messy chore. Wiping the walls with solution results in inconsistent saturation, and trigger pump sprayers will make a tiring job even worse. A pressure sprayer makes easy work of spraying the solution on the wall.
  10. Spraying Water – Sometimes you just need a portable water source – remember your pressure sprayer for times like this. Adjustable nozzles provide control dispensing the desired amount for the task at hand.

To get the longest life from your sprayer, always remember to empty, rinse and thoroughly wash the sprayer after each use. This is especially important when switching from chemical to chemical.

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