Pest Control Tips to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home This Fall

Many people think that pests disappear as the weather begins to cool down. Unfortunately, some bugs continue to survive through colder temperatures. Pests are like humans in the sense that they need life’s necessities: food, shelter, and water. Pests will move into a home to find food and protection from cold weather. So, what bugs are commonly found inside homes during the fall?

Here are the most common fall pests:

  • Stink bugs: an invasive species known for its foul odor when crushed. They seek shelter inside homes as temperatures drop.
  • Cockroaches: They are attracted to dark areas and are notoriously difficult to kill.
  • Spiders: most spiders are harmless but spin webs in doorways or attics.
  • Flies: cluster flies are most commonly found in the fall.
  • Ants: food and warmth will attract ants into your home.

These creatures will hide in the crevices of a home during the fall and winter. Homeowners can take precautions to prevent pests from entering their homes.  

Methods to Stop Pests

Homeowners should control the things that attract pests in the first place. As mentioned earlier, pests seek shelter, food, and water. Here are a few methods to stop pests from entering your home:


  • Spray around the foundation of your home with insecticide.
  • Spray insecticide around doors or windows.
  • Remove debris such as leaves, branches, or other waste where bugs hide.
  • Inspect the foundation of your home for cracks where bugs might enter. Caulk any cracks or holes.


  • Apply insecticide in critical areas inside the house, such as under sinks and appliances.
  • Store all food, even dog food. Avoid leaving food out in the open.
  • Keep basements and crawl spaces dry.
  • Replace any damaged window or door screens. 
  • Keep your home clean.
  • Fill in cracks or small areas inside your home.

These simple steps will stop pests from moving into homes in the fall. Homeowners can hire pest control professionals to assess and treat their home if they don’t feel comfortable doing it themselves. Whether a homeowner hires a professional or does it themselves, taking these precautions will save homeowners the headache of dealing with bugs as the weather gets colder.