Fall Lawn Maintenance Checklist

Temperatures have cooled, and the leaves have begun to change in many parts of the United States. With the change in seasons, many homeowners might start to slow down their lawn and garden maintenance efforts, but autumn is a strategic time for lawn and garden maintenance.

Autumn is a pivotal time for yards, especially lawns with cool-season grasses. Fall is an essential season for the recovery of grass, and to prepare a healthy lawn next spring.

Fall Lawn Care Checklist

Fall lawn maintenance is crucial, but what should homeowners do in the fall? Homeowners need to complete tasks at specific points in the season. Read our fall lawn maintenance checklist below for basic information on what jobs are necessary for a healthy lawn:

Keep Watering

Many people think that it is okay to stop watering as the temperature cools down, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While it is true that grass needs less water as temperatures drop, homeowners should still monitor how much water their lawn receives. Water as necessary during the fall season.

Aerate & Overseed

Fall is an ideal time to spread seed over bare patches of lawn. Before seeding, homeowners typically must mow, dethatch, and aerate their lawn.

Fertilize at the Right Time

Cool-season grasses go dormant in the summer and begin to grow again in the fall. Autumn is the perfect time to fertilize cool-season lawns.

Remove Leaves

Avoid letting leaves pile up in the yard. Piles of leaves can harm your lawn. The lack of sunlight, water, and nutrients leave your lawn vulnerable to diseases.

Monitor Disease  

Part of controlling lawn disease is removing excess piles of leaves. As mentioned above, leaf piles block out light, water, and nutrients from reaching the grass.

Keep Pests Under Control

Pests are not just a problem in the spring and summer. As the temperatures drop, bugs look for warm places to inhabit. Spray the foundation of your home and critical areas inside your home with insecticide to deter pests.