How to Get Rid of Small Flies

Small flies are unpleasant. They almost seem to appear out of thin air, but the reality is that we can’t always spot them because they live in hidden places.

Most small flies come from outside, usually through open doors and windows. They are attracted to organic waste, such as food and garbage. Restaurants are especially susceptible to small flies because they tend to leave doors open for deliveries or to take out the trash. Another area that small flies live are drains. Drain flies live in the pipes of bathrooms, kitchens, and sewers.

Small flies are annoying, but a person can easily swat away a fly without much thought. Why are small flies a big deal?  Well, flies are dirty and breed quickly. Fruit flies live for about 30 days, with a female fruit fly laying upwards of 500 eggs. Drain flies have a lifespan of 8 to 24 days and lay 30 to 100 eggs that hatch within 48 hours. Given the speed that flies lay eggs, you could have an infestation on your hands without even realizing.

How to Get Rid of Small Flies?

Prevention is the best way to stop small flies from getting out of control. Stay on top of flies by closing doors, removing waste, and checking areas where flies hide. Some flies, such as drain flies, are harder to kill. If you find yourself with a drain fly problem, you will need to target their breeding ground—the drain.

How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

As we mentioned earlier, you need to treat the drains where drain flies breed and live, but what is the best way to treat infested pipes? Many people might pour bleach, vinegar, or cleaner down the drain, but that isn’t the best way to kill drain flies.

First, you should use a disinfectant to destroy the dirt and grime where drain flies breed. Next, you should use a foaming sprayer with insecticide to thoroughly coat the pipe. The insecticide will kill adult drain flies. Clean drains periodically to remove organic matter that attracts drain flies to prevent them from returning.

Supplies for Removing Drain Flies

There are a few items needed to get rid of drain flies, especially with a massive infestation. Here is a brief list of supplies:

  •      Foaming sprayer
  •      Insecticide
  •      Disinfectant
  •      Gloves
  •      Goggles
  •      Protective clothing

Remember to take protective measures like keeping windows and doors shut to keep flies out. Prevention is key to stopping an infestation. If you do find yourself dealing with flies, treat the area thoroughly by killing adult flies and destroying their breeding grounds.