Troubleshooting Performance Issues with your Solo Backpack Sprayer

Spring it finally here! You go outside to do some yard work, only to discover that your garden sprayer is not performing as it is supposed to. Whether your backpack sprayer needs maintenance from normal use, or you accidently left some solution in the tank, don’t throw in the towel. Your backpack sprayer may just need some simple maintenance or replacement parts.

Here is a list of common problems and their resolutions.

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Maintenance tips to help keep your Solo backpack sprayer in top condition:

  • Release any pressure, drain, and rinse the sprayer after each use. Storing the sprayer under pressure causes the pressure cylinder to fill with solution, resulting in poor sprayer performance. Seals will dry out due to age and regular exposure to pesticides; however, prolonged exposure because chemicals are left in the sprayer greatly decreases their lifespan.
  • When cleaning the sprayer, do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents. A mild soap and warm water will work. To neutralize any chemical residue left in the tank, follow the instructions of the pesticide manufacturer.
  • Regularly lubricate the collar, cylinder, piston, and cap gasket with either Solo Superior Grease or petroleum jelly. Do NOT use oil.
  • Before winter, fully drain the tank, pressure cylinder and hose. Store with the shut-off valve locked in the open position to prevent damage from freezing.
  • Do not put any acid, caustic or flammable chemicals in the sprayer.