Three Important Skills for Effective Customer Service

Three Important Skills for Effective Customer Service

No man is an island in customer service. Teamwork is the backbone of customer service, and the employees on Solo’s order desk adhere to that philosophy. Here is an example of how teamwork within a customer service desk translates to a positive experience for the customer:

“Taking the time to express one’s delight to be treated like a respected customer is far and few between but Meaghan’s demeanor and personal attention needed recognition. The world as a whole is moving so fast that when you receive the attention and respect Meaghan showed, you must take a moment and express your thoughts.”

Michael D., Florida

Meaghan’s Tips on Effective Customer Service

Earlier this month, we interviewed Meaghan about her role in delivering quality customer service. Meaghan started at Solo almost four years ago as a temporary employee answering phones. Later, she moved into a position on Solo’s order desk processing invoices. While Meaghan’s primary responsibilities are invoices, she wears many hats. Meaghan is a team player—a trait embodied by our entire customer service team. Here are Meaghan’s methods for effective customer service:

Attention to Detail

The most important part of Meaghan’s job is getting three pieces of information correct: freight, warranties, and discounts. To ensure that she gets important information right, she pays attention to detail to avoid fixing mistakes later. When mistakes happen, she finds out why and corrects them to ensure the same mistakes don’t keep happening.


There’s nothing as frustrating as struggling to find paperwork for a customer. Meaghan organizes her desk to ensure that invoices are easy to find. An organized workspace allows for a seamless flow of information.


As we mentioned earlier, Meaghan primarily deals with invoices but takes on different roles when necessary. Everyone on our order desk does the same. Fostering a team mindset is vital to the success of our customer service team. Employees with a team mindset are willing to help with tasks that are outside of their immediate scope of responsibilities.

Favorite Part

At Solo we stay flexible with our employees when life gets in the way. Meaghan’s favorite part about working at Solo is the company’s flexibility with kids. If something comes up with her son, Meaghan can take care of him without stress.

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