I recently placed an order online which was cancelled. I then received an email that my order had been cancelled because there was a problem with my order and that I should call in and another email that my payment had been accepted. So I called and was informed by Krystal my order was canceled because I included a comment about accepting PayPal as an acceptable means of payment and that she would be able to place the order again for me. So I gave her my card again and she placed the order which generated a second charge to my account. For some unknown reason it took several days for my bank to completely process the second charge. While I was waiting I wrote Krystal about being charged twice. She was polite and responded quickly that they had only received the first payment. I waited for the bank to finally process the second charge. I then received a phone call from Krystal regarding having received the second payment. She was very apologetic and was willing to process a refund right away. She went out of her way to contact me about the second payment which in this day and age is unusual. She was polite, courteous and quick to process my refund. I consider the follow up great customer service both when the order was placed and when there was issue with payment. Thank you Krystal and Solo.