I wanted to give you some positive feedback on my recent replacement part order.
Solo makes the best pump sprayer out there…..except for the old pump handle design that I have put up with for years. The handle simply doesn’t stay locked in place, and the tank ends up dropping to the ground while you’re still holding the handle. I discovered the newer sprayers had a locking pin design, so I placed an online order for a new Solo 456 pump assembly (to hopefully end my frustration), with the following note:

On the new pump assembly, I only want the new design that secures the handle with the 2 pins integrated into the pump piston handle. If this pump assembly is the old, lousy design…I don’t want it and don’t ship it. The new design is far better.

The next day I get an email, and a phone call…with pictures of the complete pump…from Krystal Insley with your customer service department. She wanted to make sure what the company was about to ship me, is what I was looking for. It was Perfect! I was blown away with her follow-up on a $16.45 replacement part. Not $16,000 or $1,600. $16 Bucks. I thought her willingness to actually go take pictures, and then call me to confirm, was over the top. An amazing job.

You can hear the edge in my original order tone that reflected my frustration with your product. Krystal completely changed my view of the Solo company and how it responds. If she ever moves to Archbold, OH we’ll give her a job in our customer service area! She’s great!