Solo CLEANLine Sprayers Help Prevent Infections and Provide Cleaner and Healthier Environment at School

Public Health Hazards

In business environments, inadequate routine cleaning can have serious negative health consequences not only for building occupants and visitors, but also for the broader communities. In shared spaces like schools, business offices, gyms, hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, restaurants and other areas where people congregate, illnesses and outbreaks spread quickly.

Schools create the perfect environment for infectious diseases to spread and are often among the hardest hit during flu season. School-age children are more likely to contract influenza and spread it to other children and adults in their households, which cause adults to miss work. According to CDC, in the broader economy each year, productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost employers an average of $225.8 billion.

Illnesses and Infections Prevention

By maintaining clean and healthy environments, the professional cleaning industry plays a vital role in preventing the spread of illnesses and infections in commercial and community settings, helping protect public health. In schools, thorough cleaning and disinfecting is a critical piece of a comprehensive approach to preventing infectious diseases and outbreaks. Germs can survive on floors, tables, door handles, and toys for long periods. Viruses, in particular, can be shed in large numbers in respiratory secretions and can survive on surfaces for days, or in the case of norovirus for weeks.

Implemented effectively, proper cleaning and disinfecting measures can have an immediate positive effect by reducing disease transmission and, therefore, by reducing the burden of illnesses among students, their families, and broader communities.

Solo Sprayers for Cleaning

Solo CLEANLine comprehensive and purpose-built sprayers serve as essential tools to professionals in killing germs to provide cleaner and healthier shared environments. For more information on Solo CLEANLine, visit Solo website and follow us on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Instagram.