More Than A Garden Sprayer

Sprayers are niche. Few people can tell you about sprayers, what they do, or where to find them. Even though sprayers are relatively unknown, they still play an important role in several industries.  

Most people think of trigger sprayers, what you use to help you clean your house, when asked to define a sprayer. In most cases, especially for professionals, trigger sprayers aren’t the best choice.

When we talk about sprayers, we are using an all-encompassing term for an array of sprayer types: backpack sprayers, handheld sprayers, one-hand sprayers. Each sprayer type serves a different function, and the sprayer you choose will depend on the job type and size.  

Unexpected Places

Sprayers are usually associated with the lawn and garden and agricultural industries. Many of Solo’s customers are people who work in landscaping or agriculture, but you might also find sprayers in some unexpected places.

You might be surprised to find sprayers used by pest control professionals, janitorial staff, construction workers, or automotive detailers.

It’s remarkable to think of all the places you can find a sprayer and all the ways you can use one. The possibilities are endless with sprayers because of their versatility. Not only are sprayers versatile, but they are durable. With proper maintenance, a high-quality sprayer can last for years.

Solo’s History

Solo traces its humble beginnings back to Germany in 1948 when the brothers Hans and Heinz Emmerich designed the first two-stroke engine weighing in at 14.3 pounds. Later, in 1951, the Emmerich brothers would go on to create the first engine-driven backpack mist blower that could be operated by a single person or solo. Ever since, Solo has continued to innovate new products that promote efficiency and productivity. 

Solo manufactures sprayers for all jobs, big or small. Here at Solo, we understand the impact that our products have on our customers. Whether our customers are looking to apply fertilizers and pesticides to a home garden, or they need sprayers as part of a lawn and landscaping business, Solo has been committed to producing sprayers of the highest caliber for professionals and homeowners alike, since the middle of the 20th century.

The Ideal Gift for the Practical

Not many would consider a sprayer an exciting present, but a sprayer is an ideal gift for the practical homeowner, lawncare lover, or auto enthusiast because of its versatility.  

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Sprayers are more than a method of applying water or chemical solutions. Gift the power of durability, versatility, and sustainability.

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