COVID-19 reshaped expectations around cleanliness. Before COVID-19, the appearance of a business was the main metric of cleanliness. If a business looked clean, Americans felt safe. Now, Americans are measuring businesses, and deciding whether to return to them, not only on appearance but whether they believe businesses are taking extra steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This includes providing information on how often a business cleans or disinfects, or showing customers how much they clean and disinfect.

The bottom line: Americans are more serious about cleanliness than ever before. A survey by Stratus Building Solutions (1) points to a number of Americans who continue to remain cautious in public even after being fully vaccinated. So what can businesses do to meet Americans’ high cleaning standards?

There is no doubt that cleanliness is important for public health. Investing in cleaning and disinfecting tools was put on the back burner for many businesses before COVID-19.

Price was king. Now, businesses want tools to help them clean and disinfect fast and effectively. Sprayers became the focal point of new cleaning standards.

Like many businesses and facilities before COVID-19, sprayers were often selected based on price as opposed to quality. Sprayers became critical tools in 2020, as many businesses and facilities began to realize how important sprayers are for chemical applications. Now, as inflation is increasingly becoming a factor on the price of all goods, businesses and facilities need affordable, quality tools to help their custodial staff clean and disinfect quickly and effectively.

While the need for an effective sprayer is great, choosing the right sprayer isn’t always easy. Inexpensive sprayer options, like trigger sprayers, allow businesses and facilities to buy in bulk. In exchange, businesses trade price for quality and efficiency. On the other hand, expensive sprayer options tout cutting-edge technology but can be unaffordable for small facilities with a limited budget. Do businesses and facilities maintenance professionals need to sacrifice quality and affordability? The answer is no.

What makes a good sprayer?

A sprayer’s construction can make it easier to execute the cleaning and disinfection processes. Other features like the sprayer material can help a sprayer last longer, even after continuous use. Simple upgrades like sprayer seal material and nozzle types can improve durability and efficiency.

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