3 Benefits of Using Battery-Powered Sprayers

The lawn and garden industry has grown over the last several years. Demand for landscaping services is more substantial than ever with Millennials overtaking the housing market, and Baby Boomers in need of more assistance maintaining their lawns.

Despite steady growth, landscaping companies and garden centers cite labor shortages as their top concern.  Recruiting quality candidates, especially Millennials and Gen Z, is the focus for many professionals in the lawn and garden industry. While recruitment is vital, it also takes time, and the work must continue.

Even if labor isn’t the primary concern, lawn and garden professionals might need to utilize different methods to improve productivity to rise to growing business demands.    

The Rise of Electric Lawn Equipment  

A growing trend in the lawn and garden industry is the use of electric lawn equipment.  An article in the recent edition of the Green Industry Pros Magazine noted that growth in the lawn and garden industry was driving the use of electric lawn equipment, specifically electric lawnmowers.

But lawnmowers aren’t the only sector of lawn equipment that is turning electric. Sprayers, which are used for anything from applying fertilizers to weed control, now have battery-powered options.  

3 Reasons to Use a Battery-Operated Sprayer

1) Improve Productivity

While electric sprayers are not a replacement for actual workers, they can increase productivity. Electric sprayers are just as portable and efficient as traditional pump sprayers.  Because of their efficiency, electric sprayers can help increase productivity

The absence of pumping to pressurize allows employees to complete a job faster, giving landscaping companies a chance to seize more opportunities due to increased productivity.  

2) Quiet

People might assume that battery-operated sprayers make noise. This isn’t true. Electric sprayers are quiet, which are ideal for spraying in residential areas.

3)  Environmentally-Friendly

Typically, electric sprayers use a lithium-ion battery to run. The use of a battery emits less waste or pollution.

The efficiency of electric sprayers can boost worker productivity.  Other additional benefits of electric sprayers include the noise and emission-free features, which are especially appealing to customers. 

These two features promise a clean and quiet experience—an experience that many customers would prefer over equipment that is noisy or pollutes the environment.